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FEE and Space


The general fee for TNT monthly STROLL is $15.00.  The outdoor, sidewalk space is approx. 6'x6'.  Setup is 9am, late arrive is 9:15am. Selling time 10am-3pm. No early closure permitted.  You are invited to remian later if you determine traffic merits.

*Seasonal BIG Events fee is determined at time of booking and promotion.

Communication and Promotions - FACEBOOK

Facebook serves as our primary tool for private communication among our members.  

We use Facebook and all forms of social media to promote our events.

Each member must have an active personal facebook account.


The general participation application only needs to be completed once every 12 months.

Special events will often have an addedum noting updates, fee, participation requirements.


Our Vendor Community consists of two types of businesses.  

Artisan-Crafter and Direct Sales Reps (DS).  

Direct Sales Reps (DS); we limit group members to a maximum of three reps from the same product line.  In this way we have the greatest opportunity to have a consistent presence every month from a product line.  Sometimes we may book two reps from the same product line at the same event (as a team or separated by merchant hosts). 

Whether DS or Artisan/Crafter members remain in the active group only as long as they consistently schedule, do not cancel without advance notice, arrive on time, do not close early and participate in the promotion of every event.

3rd Saturday Monthly Event SignUp-Apply

Direct Sales Product Lines; MAKE your own event!

This n That Thrift and Gift, 2590-21st Street, 95818

One Day - One Vendor Display, Demo & Sell EVENT

one day - 3 to 4 hours - inside feature space for you to display, demo and sell.


Direct Sales: Perfect sales and demo opportunity for Direct Sales Lines.         

Inside retail space you can list as a 'hosted party or event' open to friends,  

family, as well as store customers.                                                                      

(During regular store hours, 10am-5pm, Tuesday thru Saturday)


Artisan & Independent:  Just like a gallery showing!

Invite friends, family and your customers.

You can book during regular store hours OR afterhours and host a private party!


Book Weekly or Bi Weekly - ONLY one featured vendor at a time!

Rate as low as $8.00 a day.

Pick your date(s), Pick your hours, Invite - Promote along with

This n That on all social media, WebPages, flyers and in store announcements.


RATES: One Day - One Vendor Event


Book 2 dates within 30 day range $20.00 per day.

Book 4 dates within 60 day range $10.00 per day, add afterhours event for $25.00


Book 6 dates within 60 day range $8.00 per day, FREE *afterhours event.


*Afterhours booking, includes store staffing, hosted refreshment center

 and store discounts for your guests. 2 HOURS.





This n That Thrift and Gift, 2590-21st Street, 95818

Artisans and Independent Product Lines

5 -10 Day Consignment Term

Flat Rate - No Percentage

A low cost, easy opportunity to make your products available to your

customers and ours.  Featured display and sales for a 5 day or 10 day package.

Most products can be safely displayed within our available counters/cabinets/shelves/racks.

Daily reporting, co-op promotions. No Percentage, Flat Rate.

No merchant services or sales tax to manage. 

Sales paid at end of term.  Rates as low as $5.00 a day.

Your customers will have access to your product

Tuesday thru Saturday, 10am - 5pm

with the ability to make purchases by

cash, credit or debit without additional fees to the customer or vendor.


RATES: 5 -10 Day Consignment Space.  Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-5pm

Book 5 days consecutive: Flat Rate $40.00 - no percentage.

Book 10 days consecutive or two- 5 days terms: Flat rate $50.00 - no percentage.

Add an afterhours event for $25.00, *Afterhours booking, includes store staffing,

hosted refreshment center and store discounts for your guests. 2 HOURS.


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