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What is a Artisan & Vendor Stroll?

A monthly sidewalk vendor event hosted by This n That Thrift and Gift (TnT), located on the edge of downtown/midtown, Curtis Park and Land Park.  15 years as an established unique thrift boutique affiliated with the NFP, People Reaching Out.  Customers are invited to stroll among hosted artisan & vendors while shopping in our store and our neighbor merchants.

When are these events held?

Once a Month on the THIRD SATURDAY we host between 8-12 select vendors. 

At least twice a year we host a BIG Party event using the entire block neighbor merchants sidewalk easements.             

This increases this opportunity to over 30 spaces. 

Who are the vendors?

We welcome both artisan and direct sales.

Artisans and Independent Vendors must have a BOE Tax ID number. 

Direct Sales reps are generally covered under the product line BOE certificate.

Product lines with home based edible products must have the appropriate health certificates.

What is a Vendor Participation Event?

Most market event vendors rely entirely on the host to generate traffic to the event.  Fees are higher to reflect the investment of the host.  Vendors must 'trust' that the host is actually promoting the event adequately.  For the host this is a one time or intermittent activity.  Customer traffic may not be their highest priority. 

In a vendor participation event each vendor and host actively agree to promote.  Holding each other accountable.

Each member of the event is a teammate, sharing - networking- resourcing to make the event a success for all.

WHY join a vendor participation group?

*Retail Sales, Marketing and Promotions - you don't have to go it alone.  Being part of a networking group gives you added skills sets, knowledge and reach to new customer bases.

 **In a private setting like the one we have on Facebook you can reach out to other vendors that you get to know personally as well as by product. 

***Participating on even a semi-regular bases at an established venue allows you to give customers an additional way of keeping updated on your product, promotions.  It offers you a 'place' where customers can order, pickup, and view.

As a benefit to our members. (1) We  encouraged you to arrange pickup of ordered product at the store rather than exposing your home address.  (2) Artisan and Vendors can arrange to host shopping /selling parties at the store outside of regular business hours; ask about scheduling a private party.


What is the customer/guest traffic like at these events?

A  great question.  This n That hosts a monthly artisan & vendor market once a month with 6-12 spots.  At least twice a year we maximize our efforts by opening more spots (25 plus). 

We build a group of artisan & vendors that are professional in running their businesses.  The smaller monthly markets help us all to build a clientele.  Offer a venue that vendors can drive customers to see their products on a regular or semi-regular basis. 

The group shares resources, information,  cross promotion.  The smaller monthly events help us to determine artisan & vendors that will be a good fit for the BIG Party Events.

How well we each promote each event and each other determines our success. 

How do I become a member of this vendor participation group?

We manage, communicate and promote using Facebook.  You must have an active personal account in Facebook. 

How much is the event fee?

The monthly vendor fee is $15.00.  Repeat vendors who arrive on time, stay till closing, participate in promotions even months when they are not booked, do not cancel. These are considered in good standing. 

Earning free complimentary spots and reduced rates for the BIG Party Events. 



What and Who is This n That Thrift and Gift (TnT)?

Lynda Tyler opened The Hospice Thrift Shop in January 2000 located on Folsom Blvd.  2005 the community affiliation was changed to benefit People Reaching Out and we charged the name of the store, This n That Thrift and Gift.  When the store relocated to our present site in 2010 our relationship with People Reaching Out  remained.  Donations of gently used and new products, their sales and events benefit programs in our community. Working with youth and families to avoid substance abuse and violence through mentoring programs.

Our business model is unique in many ways. 

We are a sole proprietor that is affiliated with a not for profit (NFP). 

We market our thrift store sales environment as a boutique.

We use an inventory of our own recyclables to make products.  These products are sold in the store as well as allow us to participate in vendor markets .

All of our in-store product are donated goods.  We do accept consignment for our very active and successful eBay Store and our Online Store, Lucky Penny Shopping.

We actively recruit, support and work alongside artisans and vendors  during our hosted monthly event;

Artisan & Vendor Stroll.



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